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How to find a Personal Injury Lawyer?

How to find a Personal Injury Lawyer?

Looking for a Personal injury lawyer is no easy task, with so many options to choose from and so many good looking web pages, you may wonder how to make the right decision when choosing a personal injury lawyer. Choosing your attorney doesn’t have to be a tedious and time consuming task, but how to ensure this is the right lawyer for you? And where should you even search for one?

A few common questions asked after a personal injury accident are “how to find a personal injury lawyer?” and “where do I find a personal injury lawyer?”

Before talking about the tips on where to find your best option, Lets talk about where you shouldn’t look for and attorney for your case, the answer might surprise you but is easy to understand once you analyze why.
TV ads, radio and bus signage are a clear sign to steer clear from these lawyers, the reason is simple: These days, the most reputable lawyers provide value before meeting you, giving you access to information about them, what their areas of expertise are, their values, their team, etc.

It is really important that you read through the whole attorney’s website to get an idea of who they are and then contact them.

Here are some tips on how to find the right personal injury lawyer for your case, no matter if it is a bike accident or a faulty product incident:

1. Always ask friends and family first about their Personal Injury Lawyer of choosing.

It is always good to ask friends and family for an attorney that has represented them successfully in the past. With the overflow of attorneys both on TV and on the internet with very little regulation, this might help to weed out a lot of options. Talking to the people you trust about whom they had a positive experience with, is the best way to find a personal injury lawyer.

People usually get the right attorney for their case when referred by word-of-mouth, don’t be afraid to ask a trusted professional like your accountant or your doctor, you cal also ask your local religious leader or even your neighbor, do a little bit of research and with the help of the people you trust, you will be one step closer to choosing the best personal injury lawyer for your case.

2. Research the personal injury lawyer.

The internet is one of the best tools we have at our disposal, so making a good use of it is advised. Research different personal injury lawyers online, make sure their license is in check in the state where they are practicing.

You should always check their bar status online, every state has its own local bar association, and all attorneys are registered in the database of each local bar association, this is the perfect way to check if there is any disciplinary measures against the attorney or if they have been sanctioned at any point in their careers.

Spend time talking to the attorneys before you hire them, like any other relationship, it works best if you two like each-other, you will be spending a lot of time together and you really wouldn’t want to spend much time with someone you don’t really like!

3. Pay attention to your instincts.

Making a distinction between someone that is there just for the money and someone that actually cares for your well being as a human might not be easy, but you can always trust your instinct here.
If the attorney doesn’t feel like the right one for you, don’t hesitate in looking for another one. And as an important reminder, The attorney should always be honest with you about the weakest parts of your case, and not only focus on the strengths, if the attorney only focuses on the strengths and dismisses the weakest parts of your case, that’s for sure not a good sign.

4. Will they personally handle your case? You should ask them!

Always make sure that you are talking personally with the lawyer that is going to handle your case before hiring them. A good rule of thumb is that if the lawyer can’t spare some minutes to talk to you about handling your case, it means that they are not really interested about your case.

5. Find out what their training and expertise is.

Is always good practice to background check your future attorney, and it is always OK to ask them about their education and experience. Always ask since how long they have been practicing and whats the real experience they have with specific type of cases (i.e. car accidents, work injuries, etc.)

And last but not least…

6. Always discuss fees before singing in!

Trust and transparency is a must in your relationship with your future personal injury lawyer, therefore having clear the fees involved in your case, and always get your fee agreements in written form.

Personal Injury Lawyers, usually work on contingency, meaning they get around a third of the eventual settlement of the case, plus office expenses, this is a common practice, but sometimes this may vary and that’s why you should always set things clear and written with your personal injury lawyer, and don’t forget to be sure you understand the terms from the start to avoid future headaches.

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